One of my best favorite Japanese cafe in Tokyo – HIGASHIYA GINZA


Do you like Japanese sweets and cafe?
This cafe is for you if you’re in Tokyo.

HIGASHIYA GINZA is one of my most favorite cafe in Tokyo’
It’s located in Ginza area, so very convenient place too 🙂

It’s modern but also traditional Japanese atmosphere.


We ordered afternooe tea set.


On the first plate, we have several Japanese kinds of Japanese sweets.
All of them are tiny size, and super tasty!


On the second plate, we had rice ball, spinach salad, and pickles.


And you can choose the tea from several kinds of Japanese tea 🙂
I love their potery also…


The atmosphere was super nice too..


After I came back home, I had EBISU beer (special edition with Joel Robuchon) which was offered by Sapporo beer.
It’s nice day!


address: 1-7-7, Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
PORA building 2F
Ginza/ Ginza ichome station, few minutes walk

東京都中央区銀座1-7-7 2F


2 thoughts on “One of my best favorite Japanese cafe in Tokyo – HIGASHIYA GINZA

  1. wow~
    That looks amazing. Everything looks so delicious, I wish I could try it myself. One day I’d really like to go to Tokyo, and I will surely have to check this place out.
    If only they had places like this near where I live 🙂

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