Home made Tonyu Recipe which is ingredients for Tofu – How to make soy milk


Do you know if you can make soymilk without any machine at home?

I’ve never think about it before – since I’ve never heard of someone who do this at home.
But I suddenly thought, I madenlo Miso,plum wine, pickles, almost everything and why not soy milk?

So I made it at home, and it turned out so good!
Of course it’s pure soy and no chemicals in it, please try and you can’t buy packed one from the market anymore 🙂


1 cup of dried soy beans
3 cups of water

1. Soak the soy beans in the water for 1 day.

2. Place the water and the beans in the food processer then make it into paste.


At this point, it’s better not to make it into too smooth paste.
Please press the button only for few seconds for some times, and you can feel some grains.


2. Replace it in the pot then cook it for 5minutes with lower heat.


3. Prepare the clothes on the strainer then pour the soymilk in it. Squeeze the clothes.





4. Replace it in the pot, heat it up, and once it boils, turn the heat to lower heat then cook it for 10minutes.

5. Enjoy!

I love to drink it as cocoa, or heat it up with black sugar and Kinako( soy bean powder) as warm sweet drink ❤

.. and I’ll show you how to make Tofu from scrach with this soy milk on next blog!


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