Yatsuhashi Recipe ~ How to make Japanese cinnamon Mochi

Yatsuhashi – sometimes it’s called as “Otabe” – is Japanese mochi sweets which is famous in Kyoto region.
(Otabe is a big company name of Yatsyhashi)


What is this sweets speciality is, they use cinnamon (sometimes black sesame seeds powder too) for the Mochi, and it’s very good combination of Mochi and the flavor.

If you travel to Kyoto, they have many kinds of Yatsu-hashi. Basic ones are based on cinnamon, but some are Green tea flavor, sesame flavor, cherry blossom flavor etc.

It’s always same base ingredients, so please make some kinds of flavor you like :)!


(A) 2 Tabs. of Shiratama-ko
(A) 6 Tbs. of Joshin-ko
(A) 8 Tbs. of
(A) 1 tsp of Sinnamon (black sesame seeds powder/Matcha powder)
(A) 6 Tabs. of water

Potato starch


1. Place all the (A) s in a bowl and mix well.



2. Wrap it and steam it for 15 minutes with middle heat.


3. Prepare the wet clothes on the table. Place the Mochi dough on the clothes, cover it, spread it with baking pin. Fold the Mochi dough into ball shape, then keep doing it for 5-10 times until the dough became smooth.




4. Sprinkle the potato starch on the board well, then spread the dough into thin sheet. (about 2-3 mm) Cut it into square pieces then remove the excess starch.




5. For fresh Yatsu-hashi, Place the Anko (sweet bean paste) on the center of the Mochi then fold it.



6. For the Baked Yatsu-hashi, cut into small pieces then bake it in the oven with 170 degree C for 15-20 minutes. (It’s gluten-free!)




Enjoy! :)

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