Taro Miso salad Recipe – How to make Satoimo(Japanese Taro) with Miso taste


Do you like Satoimo (Japanese Taro)?
It has good chewy texture, and very good for your health.. πŸ™‚

3 medium Satoimo
2 Tbs. white Miso
2 Tbs. penut cream (non sugar)

1. Mix Miso and penut cream well.


2. Steam Satoimo until it’s cooked (about 15mins.-)


3. Peel off Satoimo, cut into bite size pieces.
Take out one piece, mush it and mix with (1) to make dressing. Mix all well.


Today’s Dinner..

Vegan carrot raison cake and burduck root cookies


mackerel, vegetable sushi, Koya Tofu, Taro salad etc πŸ™‚



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